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Free Turning

My characters for MUGEN can freely turn. This means that when you press the reverse direction of the character’s facing, they will turn. Many attacks can be turned if the reverse direction is held at the beginning of the attack. Many attacks may also have a variant when performed with a turn.

Walking Acceleration

While walking, characters will start at a base-speed and accelerate to a certain max speed.


A dash is performed by double-tapping left or right. (or Guard + L/R).

Dashes grant a short burst of speed in the direction of your choosing. They also have a brief invincibility (not against throws) at the very beginning of the state, but this may vary from character to character, as well as the overall utility of the dash, as each character may perform a different action for a dash.

Each character has a period where they cannot attack or guard at the beginning of the dash. Jumping can be done at any point of the dash, granting extra horizontal speed to the jump.

When the dash ends, the character will continue moving at max walk speed.

Air-Dash and Air-Jump

Both Air-Dash and Air-Jump function on the same air-movement stock:
-If your character only has one stock for this, if you air-jump, you will not be able to air-dash.
-If your character has 2 stocks for this, they may air-jump twice, air-dash twice, or air-jump once and air-dash once.

Air-Dash is the same command for normal dash, but performed midair. The speed of the air-dash is dependent on prior momentum. So air-dashing in the reverse direction you are already moving will be heavily reduced in speed.

Air-dash has the same properties as a ground dash, with momentum being the exception.

Air-Jump is similar to Air-Dashing, performed by pressing Jump midair.

Mid-Air Momentum control

You can hold a direction to modify your midair speed.

Guard Hit-Points

Each character has a certain amount of guarding HP, which is based on the number of hits the character receives while guarding, not damage given by the attack. This means that attacks that do multiple hits can pressure guard significantly. Guard HP damage is doubled when hit from behind.

Guard HP passively restores while not guarding. If guard HP reaches 0, the character is put into a brief stun state, leaving them helpless to attack.


A parry is performed when you release the Guard button just before getting hit. This can be done on the ground as well as midair.

Ground parry window is 6 frames (1/10th second).
Midair parry window is 4 frames (1/15th second).

If a parry does not connect, or you take a hit while guarding, you will not be able to parry for 20 frames (1/3rd second).

You cannot parry while attacking or in a get-hit state.

Throws cannot be parried.

Successful parries restore your guard HP by 2 points and award you a small amount of Ultra meter.

Attacks can be buffered during the parry state. An additional parry can be performed by releasing the Guard Button in the last 6 (4 if midair) frames of the parry state.

Universal Throw

A universal Throw is performed by pressing an attack button while pressing (or holding) the guard button. Holding certain directions, depending on the character, will perform different throws after the grab is successful.

Grabbing an opponent that is turned away from you will enter a special grab state, which will grant greater damage or special throws, depending on the character.

A throw attempt can be escaped by pressing the throw command within 6 frames of being grabbed. You cannot escape a throw if you were in an attacking state when grabbed.

Combo Structure

Each character has a unique set of combo strings they can perform. Some of them can be done at any time, hit or miss, with appropriate timing, but many can be chained into each other by canceling after hitting a target. Most normal combos are performed with the 2 normal attack buttons in any order dependent on the character. Many normal moves can cancel-chain into power, special and super attacks. Certain attacks cannot cancel though, which may then require proper timing to follow up into another move. Some attacks may also allow for a jump or dash cancel.

Power Attacks

Power attacks count as “special moves” and are performed with the power attack button. This means that any attack that can be canceled by a special move, can also be canceled by these attacks. These attacks are usually powerful or have a special function or attribute to them, giving them a range of different uses.

Special Attacks

Special attacks are performed using special command inputs. Like Power Attacks, they can often cancel most normal attacks.

Super Attacks

Super attacks are any move that requires super meter to use and typically require a special command input. They often can be canceled from normal attacks, similarly to Special Attacks. They also may be able to cancel some special attacks.

Ultra Attacks

Ultra attacks are a powerful special move that can be performed when the Ultra meter is flashing. Ultra attacks gain more power as the meter continues to fill after the flashing point. These attacks cannot cancel most other attacks, but typically have an invincible start-up.

Special Actions

Special actions are unique to each character. Many of them can function as “taunts,” but often grant an additional perk for performing them. Perks include, but are not limited to: Extra damage on next hit or combo, reduced damage on next attack, small gains to super or ultra meter, and/or may include an attack.

Depending on the character, different directions will perform different actions.

Pause Function

Yes, I made a built-in pause function because MUGEN only allows pausing with the pause/break key on the keyboard. I felt this made things much easier. I may also include a menu within the pause function to modify features or anything else that comes to mind.