Commission info still in construction! More listings and samples will be added soon.

Current status: CLOSED
Contact me about a waiting list.

Prices are listed in US Dollars.

Full-color renders:
$65 - Single character. (detailed patterns, designs, wings, etc., are subject to additional charge)
$40 - per additional character up to 4.

BACKGROUND/SETTINGS: Simple soft color backgrounds are included.
Detailed settings may vary in price from an additional $40 to $200 or more depending on the scope of the piece.

tails stand.gif
tails dash loop.gif

Pixel animation loops of 12 frames or less. (Less than 120x120 pixels)
- Starting at $70

Radio Pixel Portrait2x.gif
jeibu pixel face.jpg

Pixel Art Face Portraits.

Still images.
-Starting at $50

Simple action or loop less than 12 frames.
-Starting at $70

Phantom Energy Kick.gif

Pixel Art Animations with more complex motions.
Prices may vary based on number of actions of details.
Example shown is 20 frames with two actions (stepping forward into a turn and kicking to turn again)

-Example Priced at about $100


Animations with additional characters are treated similar to the standard, simple character loops.

Each additional character starting at $70.